Sunday, October 15, 2017

Discussion about psychic vampirism.

a scene
- The Ego takes over the Divine Being and dominates it...
from Tamarinda Maassen

Most people may perceive themselves as mostly positive, wanting to do the right thing in life, and yet they are perpetually dishonest and lie quite frequently. Generally, the need to assert control over other people or to gain an advantage in circumstances leads to levels of perpetuating forms of manipulation, which produce false impressions. The need to manipulate others leads to varying degrees of spinning deceptions that misinform others through giving false impressions that create split realities.

Lying is the seed of satanic forces, and thus when a person intentionally lies no matter how small the lie is, it opens a back door of vulnerability to dark attachment to the situation. Being dishonest and lying destroys the personal integrity and eventually destroys your Lightbody. It is imperative that this severe character defect be corrected in order to become free of dark force manipulation and begin the path to build personal integrity as well as accumulate inner light. People that are pathological liars or perpetual liars in many cases have possession problems, it is a very serious consequence to your consciousness when you choose to intentionally lie.

from Lisa Rene- Personal Integrity


The Researchera person of research, who does a lot of research and makes you think you've never done a research! 
Wikipedia- schizophrenic personification of the internet site with the same name

The Researcher: what is a psychic vampire?
Wikipedia: that is a singularity in duality...
The Researcher: how come, what the hell you mean?
Wikipedia: well, is like you are another you!
The Researcher: I am always another me, I do change myself by any minute.
Wikipedia: No, not that, yes, you change your emotions by any minute, but your emotions are the surface of you! Your personality changes, in that case,  you became what you mostly hate- like Benjamin said.
The Researcher: aha? and my emotions?
Wikipedia: your emotions will change according to your inner conflict. You start to hate the others, you start to hate yourself and you'll destroy what you love!
The Researcher: yes, somehow I recognize that tendency in many, but ... I thought is something neutral, like the problem is somehow somewhere else...
Wikipedia: yes, you thought the problem is outside, which is a distortion too.
The Researcher: well, not exactly, but you know, the so-called 'inside world' is very abstract. 
Wikipedia: yes indeed, I would rather say your perception is very diluted, in fact, this is how the vampirism manifests. First, it breaks in your consciousness and then takes over all your perceptions.
The Researcher: something like infiltration in the `military dictionary`, or, to give an example, let's say, how the agents infiltrated in the eastern revolutions in the '90?
Wikipedia: do not jump so far...that is much more visible with the naked eye. Have you never had the experience to discover two persons in one? 
The Researcher: that is called double personality!
Wikipedia: you see, double personality is where the subject and his inner-opposite became very visible, sometimes you can discern even the switch from one to another...
The Researcher: but why then people are incriminated, actually they are hijacked and they should be rescued ...
Wikipedia: people are incriminated because the social psyche is hijacked too, by the same force. What you need is forgiveness, forgiveness is the key to individual and social healing.
The Researcher: well, I have a problem with that, I'm not able to forgive someone if his or her acts are much too evil.
Wikipedia: that is vampirism too...
The researcher: oh my Gosh, are you freaking me? it is like there is no escape... of this vampirical reality.
Wikipedia: indeed it's not, as long as there are not enough people acting to heal that energy. It sounds a bit pessimistic but first, liberate you... then, you'll find solutions for everything!
The Researcher: that sounds very prophetic...
Wikipedia: no, is based on experience? You see, when you hate, you use the same force as the vampire that is in you, which means, you act according to his impulses...(to himself- oh my.. is so simple...)
The Researcher: I think I start to understand.
Wikipedia: than, prepare yourself for a long battle...
The Researcher: ok, thank you! I have one more question: why is like that? Could you explain me?
Wikipedia: It is very complicated to explain, maybe next time but I'll give you some references...
The Researcher: ok?
Wikipedia: read `The Master and Margarita` by Mikhail Bulgakov, you find there a very good description of what is happening. If you want to go deeper, study the Bogomil myth of creation...
The Researcher: thank you very much, I'll study all, see you next time!
Wikipedia: see you next time dear Soul!...(to herself)  people eat people!